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Today's Listening

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Title : Today's Listening
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Today's Listening

Remixed "Revolver" to reveal new layers of the Beatles' extraordinary musical powers 

This week, producer Giles Martin held a listening session at New York City's Republic Studios, where he unveiled his remixed version (prepared with engineer Sam Okell) of the Beatles' legendary "Revolver" album. As the key feature of an upcoming boxed set, slated for release on October 28, the remixed "Revolver" is a revelation made explicitly possible by recent advances in sonic technology.

In some ways Revolver is my favorite Beatles album because they were discovering new ways of composing and working in the studio. Here is Taxman from the new mix:

What is astonishing, apart from the clarity of the new mix (I think I'm hearing a cowbell I never heard before) is the incredible freshness of the music even fifty-six years later.

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