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Summer Vacation

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Title : Summer Vacation
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Summer Vacation

I'm heading off to Germany for a couple of weeks toward the end of the month. This year I'm not attending a music festival, just going for a vacation. I'll be staying in Dresden in Saxony in the eastern part of Germany. Beautiful town with a lot of cultural history. It was thoroughly bombed in WWII, but has since been rebuilt. I am going to be spending time with friends who live nearby. This is Bach country and I will likely take a trip to Leipzig.

I am planning on buying a guitar there as I don't want to miss two weeks practice time and I am planning a concert when I return in a lovely Tuscan-style villa. The best guitar store in Germany is likely Siccas Guitars in Karlsruhe, but that is the other side of the country so I probably won't make it there. I don't like to travel with my concert guitar so I will just buy a guitar and leave it there for future trips.

Siccas Guitars have a bunch of guitar videos on YouTube. Here is Valeria Galimova playing one of my favorite pieces by Manuel Ponce, the Sonatina Meridional:

I will likely have time to do some posting and I'll put up photos of the Thomaskirche in Leipzig where Bach is buried and visit the Bach Museum.

Sure, let's hear some Bach. This is a better than average video of Segovia playing the Gavotte from the 4th Lute Suite:

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