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6 Living Room Furniture You Never Thought You Need -mexinter

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Title : 6 Living Room Furniture You Never Thought You Need -mexinter
link : 6 Living Room Furniture You Never Thought You Need -mexinter

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6 Living Room Furniture You Never Thought You Need -mexinter

Often the most comfortable place in your house is the living room. After a long day, you just want to relax on your comfy couch and watch TV. However, this vital room might need some updating from time to time to keep it cosy and welcoming.


Whether you're concerned about clashing trends or simply need some inspiration for that room that's been left unchanged for decades, here are six living room furniture pieces we never thought we needed.

1. Remote Control Organiser

We warm up our little list with a simple yet essential addition to your living room: the remote-control organizer. Usually mounted onto a wall, it keeps all your remote controls in one place, so you don't have to search through couch cushions or dig through drawers to find the one you need. These organizers are also great for keeping other small items, like phone chargers and keys.

If you're one of the many people who have a remote control for every device in your house, you know how frustrating it is to search for the right one when it's time to watch TV or play music. This simple rack can keep your living room organised.

2. Geometric Bookcase

Contrary to what the name might suggest, these aesthetic storage pieces aren't just for books. They're an excellent place to store the many personal decors you want to flaunt in the living room, from action figures to small plants, to vintage wine bottles. They also work great as room dividers.

These cases come in different types, and you can choose one that best matches your interior design. Choose the unorthodox, asymmetrical geometric bookcases if your personality is on the bold side and you have no problem defying conventions. If you have limited floor space, you can opt for wall-mounted ones. You can also always go for the tried and true cube design.

Admittedly, there aren't too many places out there where you can find an extensive selection of geometric bookcases, but retail sites like Interiorbeat do feature a dedicated section for them where you can browse and pick the one for you.

3. Banquette

Have you ever sat on a comfy dining bench at a cafe or a bar and found yourself wishing you had a similar one at home? Those are known as banquettes, which are upholstered dining benches with a backrest made of leather and high-quality foam.

Let's face it: our couches aren't always enough to accommodate everyone, especially if you have a large family. A banquette may offer your living room additional seating capacity without needing to spend nearly as much as you would on a second sofa.

4. Daybed

Like a banquette in the sense that it can complement or even replace the traditional sofa, a daybed might add that extra layer of comfort to your living room.

Daybeds provide all of the comforts of a sofa while taking up a fraction of the space. Unlike a love seat, they offer a comfortable spot to lie down for most people and are totally open on both long sides, allowing them to face either direction.

Daybeds have existed since ancient Egypt. They were also popular among the Romans and Greeks because reclining during social gatherings was a popular pastime in both civilizations. Daybeds were popular in Europe for the same reasons: they could provide pleasant and relaxed seating while staying socially acceptable. Daybeds began as little platforms to raise distinguished visitors above the standard floor mats in China and later evolved into chairs in Chinese and Japanese households.

5. Woven Chair

Woven items are no longer regarded as dull, old, or pedestrian, and more and more people are approaching their highly-anticipated reemergence. For example, the rattan furniture trend shows no signs of slowing down. It is no longer limited to outdoor furniture and has earned its proper position in our living rooms.

Woven chairs are quite popular due to their enticing appearance and ability to suit a wide range of home design styles. The traditional woven rattan texture is instantly recognizable and stylish and will remain on-trend for years to come. The design simply lends a touch of refinement to any living area, perfectly merging rustic chic with modern minimalism.

A woven chair is an excellent addition to your living room as it offers extra seating that is very light, therefore, very portable. When not in use, you may store it on the patio.

6. Bar Cart

Bar carts are small tables that can hold drinks and snacks while entertaining guests at parties or other gatherings. Plus, they typically come with drawers where you can store extra plates and glasses, so they don't get lost in the shuffle when guests arrive! Place one next to your sofa or love seat for easy access to drinks, snacks, and appetizers.


When shopping for living room furniture, it may not be necessary to go beyond what you initially considered essential. However, many items can bring a lot of extra value to your living room space, like storage solutions and room dividers. Keep looking until you've found the living room furniture perfect for you and your lifestyle, but we hope the list above offered some inspiration.

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