World of Ek by Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor of One World is trying to bring home the best in India. Indian art sensibilities can be found in their well-designed products. You need to carefully fill your space to fill your living space except for the various bands in India to celebrate every harvest. For example:

  • Mandalas are used in many EC products to symbolize balance and positivity.
  • Materials such as pure cotton, brass mango wood etc., have a good effect on human health.
The three core elements of Ek that impressed me were

1. Celebrating Indian roots

Products inspired by our rich heritage and ancient wisdom, created for the contemporary Indian home.

2.  Crafted in India

Handcrafted by Indian artisans who have kept age-old traditions alive across several generations.

3. Good for the users

Made with ingredients that are good for you և your family, your faithful travel companion
Ek has a varied product range in home linen, dining, home decor and jewelry

I chose handmade cushion covers inspired by the classic style of Indo-Islamic jali work. Also, got myself a ceramic mug that has become my perfect companion to have chai and coffee on my balcony.

Have a look...

 Block printed cushion cover with an enticing motif.

An earthy appeal to the mug...

What's not to love here?

Perfect setting...
Now another pillow for a different look.

Enjoying my solitude with Ek

A close-up shot

How do you like these? To view more of their cushion collection, do visit World of Ek.

Here are some suggestions on viewing or setting up vintage home decor. I would love to hear your opinion.

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