How to do up your bedroom this summer

How to do up your bedroom this summer

Indian wines can be spicy. The bedroom that serves our shelter should be treated specially in the summer to create a calm and fresh atmosphere.

Let me tell you how I prepare my bedroom.

  1. Use curtains that are light-colored and prints that are easy on the eyes.
  2. Semi-sheer, sheers or blackout depends on the intensity of light received
  3. Have indoor plants. They instantly create a cool ambiance
  4. Bedsheets decide the mood of the room. Use light-colored and bright prints.
Come, let me take you to my bedroom...

Mango yellow with undertones of green in my bedroom these days. It is soothing and creates a calming effect.
He spends most of the afternoon tidying up his travel magazines. Set a destination for a semi-fun vacation! And tell me which cat sleeps better between you and your bedroom than between reading and sleeping.

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