FAG Gourai Animation Spray [ Dream Action! ]

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Title : FAG Gourai Animation Spray [ Dream Action! ]
link : FAG Gourai Animation Spray [ Dream Action! ]

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FAG Gourai Animation Spray [ Dream Action! ]

 Hobby maker Kotobukiya and Gugenka, a "metaverse hyper content studio with real and digital value," are working on a digital figure that is being developed in collaboration between the two companies. Digital figure "HoloModels" sings and dances on sale!

HoloModels x Gugenka x Kotobukiya : Frame Arm Girls Gourai Animation Spray [ Dream Action! ]

Digital figure "HoloModels" is the world's largest digital figure service, which started service in 2017 and has a lineup of more than 100 titles centered on Japanese animation. You can enjoy the collection like a real figure by combining characters and items. Purchased products can be enjoyed on various devices such as smartphone AR and VR devices. We also plan to support smart glasses that will appear in the future.

Gourai's digital figure sings and dances!

This product is an animation spray exclusively for the character "Gourai" that appears in "Frame Arms Girl". Use the animation spray to dance and sing the corresponding digital figures. The animation of the song is the original of the digital figure.

Gourai dances with animation spray!

If you use the animation spray, Gourai will sing and dance "Dream Action!" (CV: Narumi Kaho). The AR function allows you to move the digital figure to the real world, so you can see it from various angles.

Experience like having an anime character in the real world

With the smartphone version of HoloModels, the AR (Augmented Reality) function of the smartphone allows you to display digital figures not only indoors but also outdoors. Since it is equipped with a shooting function, you can take pictures and videos of memories with your character while traveling.

You can adjust the size and pose to your liking

Since it is made of 3DCG, you can change the size, pose, facial expression, etc. The size can be changed from palm size to life size, and the pose can be moved not only to the arms and legs but also to each hair and finger.

FAG Gourai Animation Spray [ Dream Action! ]


  • Price: 1,650 yen (tax included)
  • Sales area: Japan

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