Coffee bean homestay

Coffee bean homestay

Today we will share a brief moment about the apartment we recently visited. The house is located in a coffee plantation in Chicago Karnataka. The house recently underwent additional construction to turn the 100-year-old building into a paradise for travelers like me.

This area of ​​Karnataka has stone carvings and includes beautiful stone carvings in a highly respected manner. Follow that...

These images bring nature to your side, which creates the closest attraction to God's creation. Homestay is undoubtedly surrounded by greenery, but there is also the attraction of 100-year-old cactus outside the owner’s home. On it, the buds will bloom, and it will produce white flowers. Believe me, being surrounded by such beauty feels calm and very satisfying.

The homestay had an enviable collection of succulents and other flowering trees and plants that was a treat to the eyes!

Now, for those who love succulents...

Ruchika Malik was so generous that she even gave me juice from her collection. I have a scroll on my Instagram account showing his interesting collection. Don't forget

Finally, I would like to share some interesting wooden doors from the property acquired by Karai Code Tamil Nadu. Check out this brass door ...

I hope you enjoy this virtual home tour. We had a pleasant experience in the country in terms of the environment and food, but the hosts made sure we had a relaxing experience in their home country.
I'll be back with more posts soon. In the meantime, check out my Instagram account, where I've been posting.

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