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7 Tips to Avoid a Messy Kitchen When Cooking

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Title : 7 Tips to Avoid a Messy Kitchen When Cooking
link : 7 Tips to Avoid a Messy Kitchen When Cooking

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7 Tips to Avoid a Messy Kitchen When Cooking

7 Tips to Avoid a Messy Kitchen When Cooking

We often ask if cooking shows are on TV, YouTube videos or blog posts. How do they keep the kitchen clean while cooking? The average person pours things in the opposite direction, and sometimes things fall on the walls, and of course, they fill the dishwasher.

Sometimes cleaning alone can ruin your culinary experience. This is one of the reasons people choose to eat out or have a TV dinner. A dishwasher can help clean up the mess, but not everyone has it! So here are some useful ways to enjoy the kitchen experience while keeping it clean!

Clean as you go

This is going to be the most important tip of all. Whenever you’re cooking, just try and clean as you go. It’s going to make cleaning feel more like a breeze. Every home cook needs to have a clean workstation, and that station needs to be efficient. Nobody likes a full sink of dishes. So why not cut time in half by washing dishes while the food is cooking? One example would be quickly washing dishes while you’re waiting for the pasta to boil. If something is in the oven, why not clean it? Immediately spilled something on the counter? Well, just quickly wipe it away before it sticks. It’s just a lot easier to do this.

Immediately clean those dirty linens

Start cleaning right away if you try to go in or out with natural fabrics or have something spilled on your shirt. Aprons should indeed be worn when cooking and cleaning, but it makes sense if you do not remember them. If you throw something away or splash juice on it while boiling, it should be cleaned quickly. The longer you wait to deal with it, the harder it will be to get rid of that annoying scar. 

Always clean the nooks and crannies

FoManyeople only opts to clean the nooks and crannies of their kitchen when it’s a big cleaning day, such as spring cleaning. It’s strongly recommended to always clean those nooks and crannies, always. Whenever you get the chance, always get around to cleaning these. ItAll that little spots really add up to make your kitchen look completely clean. But also, why not take one day a month to do a super deep cleaning in your kitchen. This is the best way to fight back grime and stains.

Avoid making messy foods

Everyone can agree that foods just as tomato sauce or red grease can be just plain dirty and will stain your walls, backsplash, linens, and your clothes. No one can deny that. So, one easy thing to do would be to completely avoid these types of messy foods course; maybe every once in a while, you can indulge but why make something if it’s going to be a hassle to clean, right? Why not look into something such as an easy refried beans recipe?

Utilize sheet trays

Let’s face it, the oven can be a hassle to clean. While it’s true that most modern-day ovens have a self-cleaning mechanism and there are more than enough oven cleaners on the market, they can still be a hassle to clean. It’s going to take a bunch of elbow grease to completely clean that up. So, what can you do? One great thing is to try some good old sheet trays. They’re perfect for catching everything. Just put the sheet tray rack right underneath what you’re baking and you can rest assured knowing that you’re not going to have to worry about the elements of the oven.

Always use parchment paper

Can some of it be folded in a pan if you cook a cake or any perfect cake? Do you need to soak the pan for a few days and wash it before washing? A good paper notebook is your friend. Not only this but if you're cooking on the stove, why not use that tin? Both methods are great for cleaning your dishes and easier to clean the air completely. 

Use elbow grease

Sometimes, those fancy sponges just won’t do it. So don’t forget to always try and use elbow grease when cleaning up the kitchen.

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