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5 Fulfilling Hobbies To Try In Retirement -mexinter

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Title : 5 Fulfilling Hobbies To Try In Retirement -mexinter
link : 5 Fulfilling Hobbies To Try In Retirement -mexinter

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5 Fulfilling Hobbies To Try In Retirement -mexinter

When you’ve worked since you were a teenager, the prospect of retirement is likely a little daunting. Concerns around finances and income are usually one of the major considerations, however, there is also the question of how you’ll fill your time.

In fact, a recent American study into the link between leisure activities and depression among older adults revealed that picking up a hobby is beneficial for our mental health. With this in mind, we’ve introduced some hobbies to try your hand at.

Whether you’re about to retire and looking for inspiration or you’ve recently finished work and searching for some ideas, there’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy in our roundup.


Route 66
Have you always wanted to take that trip on the Rocky Mountaineer? Maybe there’s a tour of Italy you’ve had on the bucket list for a while? Or a road trip on Route 66. Wherever you’ve wanted to travel to, now is the time.

While taking a trip can be expensive, you’ll find that you can benefit from cheaper hotel rates and free bus rides after retirement, reducing costs. Plus, if you’ve released equity from your mortgage to free up some cash to fund life after work, travel is a brilliant way to use the money for unforgettable experiences and making memories away from home.

Sport and exercise


If you’ve always tried to squeeze in a swimming session or round of golf after work or over the weekend, now you can fill your days with the sports and exercise with activities you love. Exercise is good for both your physical and mental well-being and is also an opportunity to meet up with friends and meet new people.

Again, your local gym or sports clubs are likely to offer discounts for senior citizens, making it more affordable. Why not try stand up paddleboarding or kayaking for the first time?



Gardening is prescribed on the NHS. This is because it’s recognised as an activity that’s good for the mind and body.

If you’re green-fingered and want to dedicate your days to tend to your plants, you can use the coming months to plant your perennials. You might even decide to grow your own fruit and veg. Why not look into an allotment?


person writing

Have you always loved to write? It’s like that working full time and raising a family has meant that you’ve never quite had the time to pen that novel that you know is inside you.

Finally, you can sit at your desk and get all your ideas on paper. After all, it worked for Mary Wesly, who started her novel-writing career at 70, and Frank McCourt, whose book Angela’s Ashes was published after he retired at 66.

Cooking and baking

woman baking

Should you have always enjoyed cooking up a storm or making delectable cakes, why not make this a full-blown hobby? You finally have time to tinker with that recipe or make that three-tier cake for your grandkids.

You might remember 70-year-old Maggie from 2021’s Great British Bake Off. Last year’s show was the oldest line-up of contestants, showing that it’s never too late to get out the spatula and rolling pin.

What hobbies will you pick up in retirement? Will you try these? Maybe you’ll give learning a new language a whirl or take up painting. Whatever you do, be sure to fill your days with something you’ll love.

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