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REVIEW Metal Frame MCT-J03 Advanced Date Masamune, Mo Show

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Title : REVIEW Metal Frame MCT-J03 Advanced Date Masamune, Mo Show
link : REVIEW Metal Frame MCT-J03 Advanced Date Masamune, Mo Show

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REVIEW Metal Frame MCT-J03 Advanced Date Masamune, Mo Show

 The following is a review of Mo Show Metal Frame MCT-J03 Advanced Date Masamune, an action figure die-cast  released by Mo Show Factory based on the original story style of Japan History Samurai, Date Masamune.

Mo Show Metal Frame MCT-J03 Advanced Date Masamune Review


The armor is impressive with excellent detail. In some parts there are hydraulics that make the articulation even more real, such as in the elbows and calves. The carving of his armor is very good and sharp making it look fierce.

The katana is made of metal and has a metallic color gradation like the normal katana. The Riffle has Bullets that are similar to the original bullets. With a gold color like a copper bullet. The manual book of this Metal Frame action figure, apart from having information about this product, also has manga or comics about this Mo Show product.

The Eye Light button is located on the VFin diamond section. The head unit led can be removed by lifting the blue armor on the top of the head. Led Eyes only have 1 color which is green.

The Led Unit on the chest can be seen by lifting the upper chest armor. To remove it you need to remove the head part and then lift some chest armor first and then lift it using glutak or something. This LED can change color to green, yellow and animated green-yellow by pressing the switch on the top.


It has a fairly strong magnet on the bottom of its feet which allows it to attach firmly to its built-in stand base. The eyepatch can be attached or removed easily but the grip is quite strong.

Movability and Articulation

For the movable part, the manufacturer's products in this series are advertised with super movable as the selling point, so the movable aspect is the biggest bright spot. After a round of playing experience, I have to praise it. The manufacturer has indeed spent a lot of energy in the movable aspect. In addition to retaining the excellent design of the previous work, it has added more newly designed movable structures. 

Such as skirt armor, torso, thigh linkage, chest light group and other parts are newly added mechanisms, and on the basis of the original mechanism, these structures have also been optimized and improved to a certain extent, so that these still used structures have Better and better performance, just from these places, we can see that the manufacturer is serious about the product and the dedication and spirit of excellence.

The neck can be pulled up slightly to rotate the head which has a 360 articulation and can bend more and not interfere with the shoulder armor for maneuver. The blue armor on the head has articulation of the armor layers. You can shake your head.

Articulation in the arms is quite good, the shoulders can be raised quite high. The hand can rotate up to 360 degrees, only the left hand rotation is blocked by VFin. The inner shoulders can be slightly bent forward. 

The chest and abdomen have articulations that allow you to slightly bend or tilt the chest. In addition, it can also be rotated a bit, although not much. The abdomen can be bent up to 80 degrees so that it can bend almost completely and can look up by pulling the hinges of the stomach slightly upwards. Part waist has an open hatch feature on the rear armor. Its front armor has double-sided joints that allow it to be stretched forward.

Legs can be bent up to 90 degrees forward and backward. Thighs and calves can be bent quite extreme enough to almost touch each other, even so there is still quite a distance between the two.


The painting and color separation of details is basically the best part of the manufacturer. This Date Masamune advanced model is still no exception. The details of each part are exquisitely painted and separated, including the inner wall of some skirt armor and the interior of the armor. 

In terms of painting, it is indeed difficult to find more products that are better than it in the industry. There is no chance to pick a thorn in the painting part.

The strength of the paint surface is also as strong as ever. After a few days of playing and testing in the evaluation, there is basically no paint peeling or wear and tear caused by scratches. Of course, this is also due to the excellent movable design and the benefits brought by various structural optimizations.


This is Masamune's Mo Show Metal Frame MCT-J03 Advanced Date Review. Overall this kit is very solid and very good at release. There is no gap to say this kit has a flaw. Especially with the very good Led Unit animation. Armor details and complete accessories are also very extraordinary.


REVIEW Metal Frame MCT-J03 Advanced Date Masamune, Mo Show