How to know the level of battery degradation in Android

How to know the level of battery degradation in Android

In this post, we will see how to analyze the level of degradation that the battery suffers on a day-to-day basis.

As you already know, of all the components that make up a Smartphone, cameras, screen, antennas, processor... the battery is the one that suffers the most because, with each change we make, it loses capacity.

This capacity is measured in milliamp-hours; for example, if the capacity announced by the manufacturer is 3300 mah. This means that, in theory, the battery can supply the phone with a 3300mA charge for a maximum of one hour.

Carrying out simple calculations, we would conclude that we can also use the phone for two hours with a consumption of 1650mA, that is, half the consumption but twice the time.

Know battery degradation with a simple App

You don't need to open the phone or use a professional tester to measure your smartphone's battery; you just need to install the AccuBattery app.

AccuBattery Google Play

The application offers you many cost control options that we can find in other apps. Still, among the different options available at the bottom of the screen, we have the Health function that will tell us the percentage of real battery degradation.

Starting it for the first time will detect our device model, so the application will "know" how many milliamps the new battery has, but it still won't tell us what the real capacity is in milliamps.

How many milliamps have we lost with use?

Accubattery will analyze the screen consumption and apps that we are using. At the same time, it monitors how this consumption affects the battery level, which will logically go down faster if it already has a certain level of wear.

In this way, we will obtain a fairly approximate estimate of the actual level of degradation that the battery of our Android device has.


To know the real capacity in milliamps, we will have to carry out one or several battery charges that will allow the application to know the level of degradation.

For the data to be more precise, it is advisable to wait at least two or three days to know what percentage has been degraded.

Another App to measure degradation is Battery Guru

After the success of Accubattery, more applications have appeared that measure the real capacity of the battery. One of these apps is Battery Guru.

Battery GuruGoogle Play

With this app, we will not only be able to know the real capacity, but it also allows us to save battery;

  • Doze settings will allow greater savings when the phone is idle
  • Create more or less aggressive savings profiles
  • load statistics
  • battery temperature

To everything else, we have to add the measurement of the real capacity of the battery. So that we will know the level of degradation that it has suffered in the time that we have been using the phone.

The normal thing is that a battery with two years of use degrades 20 or 30%. Thus, a 3300 mAh battery would suffer a 25% degradation and have a real capacity of 2475 milliamps. So every time we charge it, it will wear out more quickly.

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