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Decorate Your Porch for Spring

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Title : Decorate Your Porch for Spring
link : Decorate Your Porch for Spring

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Decorate Your Porch for Spring

Decorate Your Porch for Spring


If you are lucky enough to have some kind of porch in your home and choose to spend time there, don't forget to decorate these areas! Spring is a great way to decorate, and it is a great way to make your favorite place more enjoyable. Here are some ways to decorate your outdoor living space for spring.

Add a Spring wreath. 

You can put it on your front door or whatever door leads to your porch.  Make your own or buy one but if you make your own, add pastel floral colors and things that represent this time of year and the wildlife you might see. 

Add texture. 

Put blankets (if you have an enclosed porch) on the seating areas, and not only is it cozier, but it's also practical when you're out on a chillier evening and want to get warm.  Add rugs (weatherproof, of course!) to give some dimension and a change to a solid floor.  

Embrace color.

Use bright, beautiful colors for throw pillows or seating cushions, make sure placemats have a spring look, and break out the brightly colored flower pots. 

Add greens.

Of course, since it's Spring, you need some fresh greenery so bring some of your houseplants outside to decorate or buy and plant some potted annuals or herbs.  I love when people have herb gardens on their porch because it's a great use of space and makes it convenient if you need to grab some fresh greens for a recipe. 

Add art.

Get some junk sculptures from your community through art galleries, festivals, vendor fairs, etc.  These are always cool because they are unique, but they also add a cool look to an outdoor living space.  I once saw a flamingo statue made of bottle caps, and it was really cool and beautifully painted pink, so it would be great on someone's porch that likes flamingoes.   

Add entertainment. 

You'll use a space more if you can be entertained in it.  Bring out a bar cart for mixing drinks, add some yard game bins to your porch or patio, or leave some yoga mats nearby for yoga on the porch at your convenience. 

Get creative and embrace the changing seasons, even on the outer parts of your home!

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