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Best Free Online Proxy To Unblock Blocked Sites

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Title : Best Free Online Proxy To Unblock Blocked Sites
link : Best Free Online Proxy To Unblock Blocked Sites

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Best Free Online Proxy To Unblock Blocked Sites

Best Free Online Proxy To Unblock Blocked Sites

Have you ever experienced blocking when you want to access certain websites? Even though the site is not an 18 plus site.

Many valuable sites are currently blocked by the Indonesian government, for example, Reddit. I'm sure you already know the function of the Reddit site, but unfortunately, you can't open the site if the provider is Indonesian.

If you experience this, you have come to the right place because we will discuss some of the best online proxy recommendations for opening sites.

Not only to open blocked sites, but by using an online proxy, you can also secure your personal data.

Because with this online proxy, you can surf the internet with an unknown status so you can surf safely.

Online Proxy

Best Free Online Proxy Web Service in 2022

Kproxy - Kproxy is one of the most popular free web proxies. This service has been around since 2005 and now has more than 1.5 million users worldwide.

Like web proxies, the Kproxy website has a search box that you can fill in with the destination website.

You can select one of ten servers by clicking the Change Server option. Unfortunately, there is no information about the server's location, so you cannot select a specific country location.

Kproxy also provides plugins for Chrome and Firefox with two choices of server locations, namely Canada and France.

Pros: Many choices of servers.

Disadvantages: Quota per session is limited to only 300 MB every 3 hours

Hidester - Hidester comes with 128-bit features and SSL encryption. All the data you send and receive will be encrypted so that other parties cannot read it.

Hidester offers a choice of two server locations, namely in the Americas and the European continent. Unfortunately, there is no information on where exactly the state is located.

Apart from that, Hidester can also remove adblocking scripts and block cookies. This way, you will not be distracted by advertisements on the websites you visit, and the sites you visit will not be able to monitor your activity.

The advantage of Hidester is data security. This accessible proxy server does not store your data in any way. Not only that, but Hidester also has a password generator, which can help you create strong passwords.

Pros: SSL encryption blocks cookies, and ad scripts do not store user data and access social networks.

Cons: Few server options.

Proxy Site – One of the advantages of ProxySite is its user-friendly interface. This free web proxy site comes with hotkeys for many popular websites, like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

To access other websites, just type the domain you want to go to in the Website field, select a server and click GO. ProxySite also offers a choice of 37 servers from two continents, namely 18 European servers and 19 US servers.

Unfortunately, ProxySite will log and store your usage for 14 days from the last day you used the service. So, if you don't want to record your data, it's best to reconsider when using this free online proxy.

Pros: Various server options.

Weaknesses: Our data is stored for 14 days.

Hide. me

Hide. I am also one of the free proxy providers of choice for many users, although its functionality is generally more limited. Hide. Me proxy servers cannot be used to access YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. If you want to use these three services, use another proxy, ok!

You can also disable cookies, scripts, and objects on any website you visit using Hide. Me. Besides hiding your IP address, Hide. I also use an additional encryption layer and ensure that the login URL expires every time a session expires.

This proxy will also not store its users' data or IP addresses. Therefore, you don't have to worry about leaked personal information.

VPNBook – As the name suggests, VPNBook is a VPN service provider that also provides a web proxy feature. You can use the VPNBook web proxy for free, but with limitations.

VPNBook offers four free servers located in Europe and North America. Currently, VPNBook is the only web proxy with 256-bit encryption, which is usually only available on premium VPNs.

Please note that VPNBook stores your web proxy usage information. The data will be deleted automatically within seven days and will only be used to report illegal activity.

Anonymous – Anonymouse is one of the most famous names in the web proxy provider market. Proxy servers have been provided free of charge since 1997. Until now, Anonymouse is one of the most trusted proxy providers for many users.

In general, the security provided by Anonymouse is sufficient but not the best. Some tests have found that websites tell that you visited their page using an Anonymous proxy.

However, Anonymouse's service quality remains one of the best. You can use the Anonymous proxy for free, but paid users will get SSL and VPN encryption.


Those were some recommendations for online proxies that you can try to open blocked sites or if you want to surf the internet safely.

It can be accessed for free, so you don't need to spend money even though the features are limited; you can create an account and upgrade to the paid version if you want full features.

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