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Best Calendar App for Android

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Title : Best Calendar App for Android
link : Best Calendar App for Android

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Best Calendar App for Android

If you look around, you will find lots of people who are busy with various activities in their daily life. Starting from the work deadlines that are getting closer, plus their scheduled appointments. With such a busy schedule, it seems as if it is difficult to complete a case according to the specified deadline.

To make it easier to schedule all daily activities, one way you can take it is to have a calendar application on Android. Because Android Smartphones are things that now seem to never leave the hands of anyone, including you, so by having a calendar application on Android, you can check your schedule anytime and anywhere.

By having a calendar application on Android, you can minimize the occurrence of being overbooked, which you do accidentally. In fact, you can also mark special days, be it in your life or the people around you. Indeed, by default, Android smartphones already have their own calendar application, but they can only show the date and day.

Many calendar applications on the Google Play Store have a variety of excellent features, and you can use them to keep your schedule of activities stable, not just looking at the date and day. So, for those of you who are often busy with activities in your daily life and are looking for a calendar application that can help you.

Business Calendar 2

As the name suggests, Business Calendar 2 was created solely to manage business activities. What's great about this app is that it has a feature that can sync Business Calendar 2 with the Google Calendar app. In this application, you can add activity notes, as well as link your various social media accounts to remind your friends, relatives and family of special dates.

Today Calendar

If you're looking for a calendar app for Android, which has a cool interface and lots of useful features, then Today Calendar could be a perfect choice. This application is a combination of a To-Do List and a calendar application. This means you can schedule work or tasks right on the date on the calendar.

Best Android Calendar Apps

Because here in this article, we will discuss some of the best calendar applications for Android Smartphones thoroughly. These apps will ease your mind with all the scheduled activities you have to do. Without wasting any more time, here is the review:

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the official calendar app launched by the tech giant Google. Interestingly, this calendar application from Google is the availability of various ways to view the calendar. In addition, Google Calendar for Android allows users to add various notes on activities and goals to be achieved.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is not actually a calendar application, but in it, there are also calendar-like features. This application is perfect for those looking for an email application that has features to schedule daily activities. That way, you will be able to remember all your daily activities by simply logging into the Microsoft Outlook application.

DigiCal Calendar Agenda

If you are looking for a good calendar app for Android, DigiCal Calendar Agenda can be a good choice. The app has at least nine different themes, several colour codes, and several other customization options. In fact, the app also offers at least six widgets, which help you access calendar information right from your home screen.


aCalendar, better known as Android Calendar, is a calendar application for Android, which you must try to install on your Smartphone. The great thing about this app is its intuitive design and navigation. aCalendar also allows users to add activity notes and to-do lists and indicate red dates or national holidays.


CalenGoo is a premium calendar app that has tons of features. This app is one of the best and most flexible task management tools, which you should try to install on your Android Smartphone.

The best thing about CalenGoo is that it has a feature that allows users to manage schedules and add activity notes and important events on the calendar application view itself. In addition, this application can also be synced with several other calendar applications, as is the case with Google Calendar.

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