The World's First Various Electronic Items That Rarely People Know

Various World's First Electronic Goods that Rarely People Know - The world's first electronic goods are certainly different from the goods you have today. Usually the first items in the world have different designs and sizes from the products you use at home today.

Often these electronic items are made in extra large sizes during the first manufacturing process. Of course, the products you are using today are the product of the development of the first invention. In fact, often the initial form of the product differs greatly from the current product.

Quoted from various sources, there are 4 first electronic goods in the world that are very rarely known by people. These 4 items are the forerunners of today's modern technological advances. What are the world's first electronic goods? This is the list. 
1. The World's First Refrigerator
Not only the two items above but there is also the world's first refrigerator which was successfully developed by a Scottish scientist named William Cullen. Actually, the basis of making this refrigerator was reset by an Arab scholar named Ibn Sina.

But William Cullen later perfected it in 1784. He succeeded in developing a very simple freezer. Cullen started research on this refrigerator when he was still active at Glasgow University.

2. The world's first mobile phone that is very popular in the market
The first cell phone was created by the giant company Motorola. Martin Cooper is the inventor of this first cell phone. He is an executive and researcher at Motorola itself. In 1983 he managed to create a prototype of the world's first mobile phone.

Believe it or not, the mobile phone became one of the world's first electronic goods that were very popular in the market. But the phone that we use is not the original phone that was invented by Cooper. The problem is that the prototype of the cellphone that was found by this one man weighs more than 1 kg. Not to mention the dimensions also reach 23 cm.

3. The World's First Television
The first television in the world was made by John Logie Baird. This Scottish man did a long research before finally understanding exactly how television works. At that time, his invention was accepted by many people worldwide.

In 1942, this man transmitted a moving image on television 10 feet away during his research. This invention was then perfected 1 year later. John managed to transmit images on the television screen, complete with shadows and light.

4. The World's First Radio and the World's First Computer
Another world's first electronic goods were radios. This one device was invented by a man named Guglielmo Marconi in the 18th century in Italy. Actually Marconi just continued the research that had been done by Heinrich Hertz. But then he succeeded.

Marconi himself demonstrated his radio for the first time in 1896 in England. Then he got a patent for his invention. A year later he was able to send transmissions to the middle of the sea without even a cable. His radio was very popular in the market because it had a big impact on civilization at that time.

The world's first electronic goods were computers invented by the United States Armed Forces under the name ENIAC. The figure who had a big influence on this discovery was Dr. John W Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert, jr.

The manufacture of the first computer is intended to deal with war. In the process of making it the United States government spent more than 60000 US Dollars. You could say the world's first electronic goods were the forerunner of the computers and laptops we use today.

That's an article about the world's first electronic goods that few people know about, hopefully it's useful.

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