Smartphones without Electronic Components, what can you do?

Smartphones without Electronic Components, what can you do? Smartphones, or what many people call smartphones, are an electronic device that is currently the most loved by people, especially teenagers who do not escape from Social Media. 

Through social media, they can make friends and communicate with many people without meeting face-to-face. Even though social media, they also earn money, for example, a celebrity who reviews certain products.

In addition, smartphones can also make our activities easier, for example, in the office to store data such as announcements easily, which is enough to just take a picture using the camera without the need to record it, which takes a bit longer. So that's one of the benefits of Smartphones in helping save time on important work or activities.

After knowing one of the benefits of a Smartphone described above, we also need to know what electronic components support the Smartphone to function as it should. 

A. Passive Electronic Components

This electronic component model does not need an external electric current source. Electronic components grouped as passive components include resistors, capacitors and inductors.

Example on resistor components. Unlike diodes, resistors don't need 0.3V or 0.7V to work. Likewise, Resistors are given a voltage; the resistor starts working automatically, with no need to wait until it reaches a certain voltage.

B. Active Electronic Components 

Is a component that requires external current (from outside) to work. In other words, active electronic components can only function if they get an external electric current source. Some of these electronic components are Diodes, Integrated Circuit (IC), and Transistors made of semiconductor materials.

Prinsip kerjanya dapat dicontohkan pada Komponen Dioda, sama hal yang dikatakan awal mulanya kalau Dioda sebagai komponen elektronika aktif maka dari itu membutuhkan sumber arus listrik dari luar (external) untuk menjalankannya. Sebuah Dioda yang terpasangkan dalam suatu rangkaian elektronika yang sudah diberi arus listrik tak kan bekerja untuk mengantarkan arus listrik jikalau tegangan yang diterimanya belum memenuhi titik tegangan tertentu. 

Especially for diodes made of silicon requires a voltage of 0.7V, while diodes made of germanium require 0.3V to work together with its function.

C. Electronic Components in Smartphones

1. Transistor

The characteristics of these components are the same as diodes; this is due to the combination of two diodes, so many people call them transistors. The transistor functions as a switch and as a frequency amplifier. There are 3 legs of the transistor: Base, Emitter, and Collector.

2. IC (Integrated Circuit)

One of the most important components in electronic devices is its job as the brain to control various components in the circuit. In Smartphones, many types of ICs are used, for example, Memory ICs, and RAM ICs.

3. Resistor

This component functions as a barrier to electric current in a closed circuit. Imagine if the Smartphone does not use a resistor, it will cause damage to other components caused by excess current. The size of the resistance value of the resistor can be expressed in units of ohms, and the symbol is the letter R.

4. Capacitor

The function of this component is as temporary storage of electrical voltage. Capacitors have the symbol C and Farad (F) is the unit. The main purpose of using capacitors in smartphones is to filter the power supply.

5. Diode

The diode's ability is a rectifier of electric current; the diode leg is divided into 2 legs (anode and cathode). At the anode, electric current can flow to the cathode, while at the cathode, the current flowing will be restrained and cause the current to be blocked.

6. Inductor (Coil)

This component functions as a liaison between the main routes between blocks. In addition, there is another Coil function for Loudspeaker, Buzzer, Vibrator and so on.

7. IF Transformer (Medium Frequency Transformer)

The function of this component is as a medium frequency amplifier. It works to capture HF waves and then amplify them using this IF transformer. The characteristics of this transformer are box-shaped and generally white in colour and have 5-6 feet.

8. Relay Switch

This component will work if it gets a driving magnetic field force. If this relay is damaged, it usually causes the cellphone to have symptoms such as total death. Relay Switch has the form of a two-wire wire wrapped in a glass tube.

Thus the article about the components used in Smartphones may be useful. 

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