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Cancelling Russia

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Title : Cancelling Russia
link : Cancelling Russia

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Cancelling Russia

I just saw this headline: Cardiff Philharmonic removes Tchaikovsky from programme in light of Russian invasion of Ukraine and my initial thought was, no, that's a bridge too far. Tchaikovsky didn't invade anyone so why should he get cancelled? They felt that while Russia was invading Ukraine was an "inappropriate" time to be doing an all-Tchaikovsky program. While it makes sense to punish the current regime in Russia for its cruel adventurism through economic sanctions, shutting down internet services, boycotting Russian oil and gas and a host of other measures, I really fail to see how eliminating Tchaikovsky from a symphony program serves any practical end. Do we hate Russian culture? Certainly not, so maybe it would be a good idea to perform more Russian and Ukrainian music to show that. Cancelling Tchaikovsky is just a particularly pointless example of virtue-signalling. But yes, do everything feasible to discourage the current leadership in Russian from continuing on this very dangerous path.

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