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How To Buy A Carpet -mexinter

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Title : How To Buy A Carpet -mexinter
link : How To Buy A Carpet -mexinter

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How To Buy A Carpet -mexinter

If you are looking to buy a carpet for your home or work premise there are a number of things you need to take into consideration, including the type of carpet, what it is made of, the price and more. Let's have a look at these considerations and how to choose the best carpet for your home. This is an ad.

Where is it for?

Firstly you need to think about where you want to have the carpet fitted and why. 

Some areas such as hallways will have high traffic and may need a more hardwearing carpet and stain resistance whilst for some areas like bedrooms you may want a more luxurious plush carpet and stain resistance isn't something you want to pay for.  Bathrooms and toilets are probably suited to vinyl or wood flooring which is easy to clean and moisture resistant.  

Carpets can help insulate the room and provide noise reduction too so if you live in a flat or you want to stop noise from upstairs then a carpet is a solid choice. 

Some people also just like the look of carpet and won't have anything else in their home.

Type of carpet

There are two main types of carpet -  woven or tufted. Woven carpets are better quality and more labour intensive to make so will be more expensive. Most carpets sold in the UK are tufted.

Carpet is generally bought on a roll but you can also buy carpet tiles as well. Carpet tiles are usually suitable for hard-wearing areas and you do not need an underlay as there is a backing already on the tile making them a cost-effective option.


An underlay is important for comfort, to help your carpet last longer and sit properly. Obviously, there is a cost implication to underlay which you have to budget for. Underlay can typically cost a third of the cost of the carpet depending on quality and design, so make sure you allow for this.

Stain guard

If you have kids, children or messy partners (You know who you are!) you may want stain guard applied to the carpet to repel spills and stains.  You can buy stain guarded treated carpets or apply the treatment after you have it fitted. Stain guard carpet costs more but may be worth the cost for peace of mind.


You can fit carpet yourself but it is a big job. I find it best to pay to have a carpet fitted so this is something you need to budget for. Some companies will fit it for you but if not you need to find a reputable carpet fitter to do the job for you. You will probably need door trims and gripper rods but you may be able to use what you already have. 


The price of a carpet varies on the amount needed, the quality, the material is it made of, the design and treatments applied. As stated before you also nee do allow for underlay, grippers and rods and fitting. 

As you can see there are many things to take into consideration buying a carpet and carpet can be a great choice for flooring in your home. Let me know, do you have any tips on how to buy a carpet? 


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