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Detail of Heroes Kamen Rider Eden

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Title : Detail of Heroes Kamen Rider Eden
link : Detail of Heroes Kamen Rider Eden

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Detail of Heroes Kamen Rider Eden

S transforms into Kamen Rider Eden by using the Eden Zetsumerisekey in the Eden Driver.

Kamen Rider Eden

Stat-wise, Eden is actually weaker than Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper in all areas. However, due to S being an avatar made of nanomachines, Eden has the ability to regenerate from virtually any injury. This ability allows Eden to defeat Zero-Two despite the latter being much stronger. Eden is also able to form bladed constructs out of the nanomachines from his body or surrounding area to attack the opponent in battle.

However, Eden's regeneration ability has 2 weaknesses, each of which is exploited by 1 of Zero-One's forms: MetalCluster Hopper can swarm Eden with Cluster Cells that constantly tear away at his body without pause, making him unable to fully recover. Hellrising Hopper is able to release all of the energy it has accumulated in a large explosion that damages all of Eden's body simultaneously, overwhelming his ability to reconstruct himself. This attack is the only thing that been shown to be able to force Eden out of transformation.

Eden wields the Thousand Jacker as his personal weapon.

Eden has the following finishers

  • Eden Driver finishers

Eden Impact (エデンインパクト Eden Inpakuto): Eden lets a single drop of his nanomachines fall from his fingers. When it hits the floor, the surrounding area is flooded by the nanomachines, appearing like a pool of blood. Large spikes then emerge and follow the opponent's position. Once the enemy is trapped between spikes, they merge to form a dome that imprisons them. The dome enlarges before Eden closes his fist, causing it to quickly implode and leave behind a spray of the nanomachines in their liquid state.

  • Thousand Jacker finishers

Thousand Break (サウザンドブレイク Sauzandobureiku): Eden inserts a Progrisekey into the Thousand Jacker, pulls the hilt, and performs an attack utilizing the power of the inserted Progrise Key.

Hellrise: Eden charges the Thousand Jacker with purple and red energy before pointing it upward, creating a pillar of light that extends miles into the sky and is surrounded by rings of red energy and spiraling red lightning. With the pillar of light anchored to the tip of the Thousand Jacker, Eden draws a circle in the air with the weapon, creating two rings of distortion above him. Finally, Eden stabs the Thousand Jacker into the ground, causing dark purple energy to travel back down the pillar of light. When the energy reaches the base of the pillar, it results in an explosion that sends out massive shockwaves of purple energy which destroy the surrounding area.

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