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Tips for Choosing The Perfect Summer Dress -mexinter

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Title : Tips for Choosing The Perfect Summer Dress -mexinter
link : Tips for Choosing The Perfect Summer Dress -mexinter

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Tips for Choosing The Perfect Summer Dress -mexinter

Summer is officially on its way! One of the best parts of this season is the fashion… being able to just throw on a cute dress, a couple of accessories and be done. With so many options out there, narrowing down your search for your perfect summer dress will make the selection process a lot easier.

Here are 5 tips on how to choose the perfect dress for summer:


You can hone your search in depending on the length of the dress you want, whether for personal preference, height, or occasion. For a more formal occasion, for example, you can opt for a maxi dress. There are also midi dresses and short dresses at varying lengths. For a very cute and trendy short dress, you can check out collections like Twinset for example, and find the perfect summer dress you’ll be comfortable and fashionable in!


When you think about your current wardrobe, what fit do you prefer? Many people are particular about the fit of dress they like depending on their height and body type, and this can make your summer dress shopping a lot more streamlined when you have this idea. Some different fits to consider are: form fitting, wrap style to accentuate a certain part of your figure, loose and flowy, and a classic A-line cut dress.

If you’re unsure, here is a general dress guide depending on body shape:

Apple-shaped bodies: shift styles
Straight bodies: ‘illusion of curve’ dresses, with a wrap detail or pattern
Hourglass: dresses with defined waists
Pear-shaped: bodies sleeveless styles that emphasize the waist


Think light and breezy, quick-drying, wrinkle-friendly. What is a priority for you for your perfect summer dress? A cotton dress, for example, will let you ‘breathe’ in the hot summer weather. Linen will also let you ‘breathe’, but it is also more prone to wrinkles. Other popular fabrics for summer dresses are: chambray, rayon, and blended fabrics.


While it is tempting to go bold with summer dresses, you still want to think about what color dress you will realistically wear. If you find your perfect dress in a color you love but wouldn’t usually wear, but the other categories are spot on, you may be more inclined to wear a bold color. Otherwise, neutral colors are classic… and for good reason! A neutral-colored summer dress is something you can wear many different ways just by switching up your hairstyle, lip color, accessories or shoes. You may just want a couple perfect summer dresses in different colors.


Prints are a way you can make your summer dress pop. Just like when choosing the colour of your dress, consider what print you would realistically wear. Are you already comfortable wearing prints or is this a ‘just for this dress’ occasion?

Ultimately, the “perfect dress” is the one you feel most confident in!

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