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Home Decor Done The Right Way -mexinter

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Title : Home Decor Done The Right Way -mexinter
link : Home Decor Done The Right Way -mexinter

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Home Decor Done The Right Way -mexinter

Your home is your sanctuary, from the busy work life to the hustle and bustle of the outside world. The home is somewhere we all go back to so we can recharge and just relax and take in a positive atmosphere. However, when the inside of the house becomes a bit worn and tired it can really get you down. So, in this article, I show you some of the best tips on how to revamp your home, in the right way.

Declutter your home, and declutter your mind

Wear and tear, life and day to day events can often lead to the house looking a little worse for wear. The paint looked a little duller than it was the day before, the furniture looked well used and scruffy through many nights of sitting on it and pictures hanging a little out of place. Not only does cleaning out the house, and giving it a little revamp then and now is good for the home, but it is good for your mental wellbeing too. That is how the saying goes, a tidy home is a tidy mind, or a clean home is a clean mind.

With the activity of doing up the home, why not get everyone involved? The children can help with decluttering, cleaning and even painting as deep down all they really want is to help mummy and daddy tidy the home. Then, afterwards, you can all sit down on the sofa together, look around and witness the hard work you all have put into the house, and then reward will be so worth the sweat!

Revamp the tech in your house

More and more people are embracing the ‘automated home’ in which you can control multiple parts of your home using your phone or tablet and a network connection. Automated home appliances are also sold in most places now, such as Ikea and more and more are becoming affordable.

Alexa is one such gadget that can help you see alarms, do shopping lists, play podcasts and more.

Patterns and wallpaper

There are many different ways you can revamp your house and wallpaper can make a huge difference. 
Utilise wallpaper to your advantage by making feature walls or setting a scene with what theme you want the room and the overall house to follow. This could be a chic stylish design or even a beach view to bring back holiday memories. 

If you are a lover of floral prints, one single floral wall paired with neutral colours and minimal decor, then to top it off floral cushions and fabrics, this can make a room feel so warm and connected.

Wall panels and vinyls

Things like wall panels and vinyls can really add some texture and decoration to the wall, and it can be done in an affordable way. Wall art stickers ( and wall decorations are a great way to break up empty walls and bring some uniqueness to the room. Other things like adding a bookshelf or painting can also break up big sections of empty walls.

The main factor you need to think about when it comes to decor is that less is more. Do not try and fit too much into one single room. You can quickly make a big room feel very cluttered and enclosing, which is not the ideal way to feel about your home. 

That is the main feeling you want from your house, to make a house into a home. When you get home from a busy day at work you want a place to relax in.  
From the paints as mentioned in this article, or to the different decor around the house, revamping your house can be such a fun experience.

So, go out, revamp your home and be as creative as you can!

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