MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn

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Title : MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn
link : MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn

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MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn


MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn

From Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Cosmic Era's mass-produced machine Mobile Ginn is now available in MG 1/100 scale.


MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn
MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn

ZGMF-1017 GINN is a mass-produced general purpose mobile suit of ZAFT. It is featured in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.

The GINN is a durable, basic mobile suit and the first to be used in combat. It is designated as a Zero Gravity Maneuver Fighter by ZAFT, thus the designation "ZGMF". It has two large, thruster-filled "wings" on its back, a fin-shaped sensor array on its head and no built-in weapons. The GINN's thrusters can only keep it airborne for a short time under gravity, so it uses the Guul subflight lifter to fly in the atmosphere.

The suit is usually equipped with a 76mm machine gun and a 10-meter-long blade, and they can be replaced or supported by handheld and leg-mounted missile launchers, heavy ion cannon, recoilless rifle and sniper rifle. The missile launchers and heavy ion cannon are classified as "D-Type" assault weapons and often used in assaulting base or fortress. The Earth Alliance estimates GINN's power to be equivalent of 3 TS-MA2 Moebius, although in reality, it is closer to 5 Moebius. The suit also has no problem taking down an Alliance escort ship singlehandedly.

The GINN's complex operating system require Coordinators' level of reflex to be used in combat effectively. However, the technology use to construct the GINN is based on the exoskeleton suits used on the Tsiolkovsky which are similar to the Power Loader, and both Earth Alliance and Orb Union's Morgenroete Inc. have successfully restore damaged GINN and used them for data collection. These machines are piloted by Coordinators allied with both factions (a rarity in Earth Alliance's case), with the most famous being the white colored unit belonging to the Earth Alliance's Jean Carry.

The versatile GINN has multiple variants (the desert, marine, tactical air reconnaissance and long-range recon variants are seen in the anime) to cope with different environment and mission requirements. It is also manufactured in such high quantities from CE 69~71, that it is even used by non-aligned factions, especially mercenaries and pirates, and remains in use for many years to come.

The GINN served as ZAFT's mainstay mobile suit until late in the First Alliance-PLANT War, where it is outperformed by the newer, lighter GAT-01 Strike Daggers of the Earth Alliance as well as the Orb's MBF-M1 M1 Astray. Fortunately for ZAFT, by this time, the more advanced ZGMF-600 GuAIZ was in production to replace the aging GINN. However, due to the GINN's excellent operability, it and its variants continued to be used widely even after the GuAIZ's introduction.

MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn

MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn

From Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Cosmic Era's mass-produced machine Mobile Ginn is now available in MG 1/100 scale. Released regularly, MG Mobile Ginn will be priced at JPY 4,730. 

Proportions and designs that follow the design of the latest MG SEED series. With the internal frame configuration unique to MG, the characteristic backpack of Mobile Ginn is mechanically expressed.

MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn

Built-in ZAFT frame of the same standard as the separately sold MG 1/100 Gunner Zaku Warrior (Luna Maria Hawke dedicated machine). By using a common frame based on the interpretation of an actual industrial product, a design unique to mass-produced machines that can be shared with other MS is expressed. In addition to moving the backpack up and down, it also swings backwards to achieve a wide range of movement.

MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn

The heavy sword is newly designed to reproduce the sharp shape of the sword. Details are also given. The handle of the triple short-range guided missile launcher (missile pod) can be pulled out. In addition to color-coding missiles by precisely dividing parts, you can also produce movements that pull out the grip.

MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn

4 magazen and 1 magazen rack are included. One magazen can be attached to the rifle and the remaining three can be attached to the magazen rack.

MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn

MG 1/100 Mobile Ginn Content Set

  • Mobile Ginn Body Unit
  • Heavy sword x 1
  • 76mm heavy assault machine gun x 1
  • Magazen rack x 1
  • Missile pod x 2
  • Hand parts (left and right) x 1 type
  • Facial expression hand reproduction parts (left and right) x 3 types each
  • Foil Sticker x 1
  • Marking sticker x 1

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