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Makeover of the guest bedroom with Photowall - mexinter

Makeover of the guest bedroom with Photowall - mexinter - Hello friends, I hope you all are in good health MEXINTER, In the article that you are reading this time with the title Makeover of the guest bedroom with Photowall - mexinter , mexinter has prepared this article well for you to read and extract information from. hopefully the contents of the post Artikel bedroom decor, Artikel guest bedroom, Artikel homedecor, Artikel makeover, Artikel photowall, Artikel styling spaces, Artikel Sweden based company, Artikel transforming spaces, Artikel wallpaper, what mexinter wrote you can understand. ok, happy reading.

Title : Makeover of the guest bedroom with Photowall - mexinter
link : Makeover of the guest bedroom with Photowall - mexinter

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Makeover of the guest bedroom with Photowall - mexinter

Makeovers are great. They not only bring about the much needed change to the given space but also satisfies the creative urge in you.

Our guest bedroom was always kept very basic but the chance to uplift its ambience came when we decided to do a wall makeover and you shall soon see how the whole room is transformed.

We chose to have a wall paper installed by Photowall, a Sweden based company. To tell you about Photowall,  they specialize in wall mural, wallpaper, canvas print and poster. What's more, they also customize  as per your choice!

Now, before I show you the process to go about installing the wallpaper, let me share that photowall has been kind enough to offer a 25% discount coupon with all the readers of Sajavat which will be valid for a whole month. Isn't that great? All you have to do is use the code 'sajavat2021'

When you visit their website, you are spoilt for choices. Make up your mind first on the room or the wall that you want to  use the wallpaper on. Next you can zero in on the theme.

As a family, we love nature. Birds, trees, flowers is our calling. "Birds meeting place" is the wall mural we chose for our bedroom wall.

Next step is to measure the wall, top to bottom, left to right. Allow a little margin and order your wall paper. We chose to get the assistance kit along with the wallpaper. At every step, there is appropriate guidance, so that you don't go wrong. You can adjust the design to suit your requirements. 

After ordering, it took exactly 5 days for the shipment to arrive from Sweden.

This is how the room looked before...


The wall behind the cot, is the one that is going to be wallpapered. Now before you start on any wall, you have to make sure of the following

The wall should be even, without any cracks and holes. If so take care of that first. We had a lighting on the wall and also holes because of the nails that had been drilled to hang frames.

We filled these with putty and  gave it good time to dry.

The wall you choose for the wall paper should be free of leakage. Ideally don't choose a wall that is common with the restroom.

The first day we only moved the furniture away from the wall. Took care of the drilled holes. 2nd day we were ready to begin work. 

The best part of this makeover project was that my hubby and daughter helped me with it, whenever they could.

This is the kit which includes the following.

The Kit

The glue is very easy to prepare. A suggestion to all of you is to mix the glue in parts. We had decided to do the makeover in parts, taking it slowly, one day at a time and enjoying the whole process. 


The wall paper arrived in a roll and according to the dimension of our wall there were 8 tiles ( strips), rolled into one.

The first task we did was to separate each tile and keep it ready.

Cut and separate each tile

We only stuck two tiles the first day. Took only a portion of the glue powder and mixed it well with luke warm water.

The next step is to apply the glue on the wall with the help of the brush provided in the kit. Apply the glue properly, covering the entire stretch from top to bottom and covering a little more surface than the width of the tile. 

Applying glue...

Even out the wall paper...

Rolled the first tile and stuck it on the wall as shown. You should use the leveller provided to hang it straight, keep using the brush to even creases, while you keep rolling the tile downwards. There is absolutely no need to hurry as the glue doesn't dry up immediately. If you feel you have stuck wrongly, and there is a bubble showing up, go one step backwards, roll the tile upwards, adjust and paste once again.

The first tile is only so much work. Now, when you work with the second tile or strip, another important thing to keep in mind is that the second one has to seamlessly match with the design on the first.

Readying up for the next tile

Coming to life, slowly...

Since ours was a flower theme, we matched the branches and petals. While working on the second tile, use the seam roller to exactly match the design pattern and to have a seamless flow of design.

I spent a moment after sticking the two tiles, just admiring the work.

The entire wall has to be done in the above mentioned manner, just making sure that you don't hurry, stick each tile properly, remove air bubble on the go, use seam roller wisely. These are the only few points to keep in mind.

Repeat the same process...

How do you find this?

That's my family helping me...

The last tile...

These birds and flowers...

The last tile was a little tricky for us, because of the wardrobe in the adjacent wall. The tile had to be cut to size to a certain dimension till about a certain stretch. Also, finally I had to cut out portions from near the ceiling and the bottom for which I used the knife cutter.

And once you get a knack of it, there is no stopping you. Took me two more days to finish the entire wall.

The final reveal..

If I have left you drooling over the wall and you wish to transform your space too, head over to Photowall and don't  forget to redeem your discount coupon, sajavat2021 at the check out.😊

I loved this makeover. Gives a complete new feel and vibe to this room. If you liked it as well, do reply in the comments section. Waiting to hear from all of you.

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