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Title : Bring happiness home, add flowers - mexinter
link : Bring happiness home, add flowers - mexinter

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Bring happiness home, add flowers - mexinter

Our homes are our safe zones, our place of comfort and a space that gives us happiness. Flowers are one such source of forever bliss but it is not always possible to have fresh flowers at home, just might not be economical but yes here in this post, let me give you ideas on how we can have flowers at home always and derive happiness from them.

How about planting?

So, why not begin with planting flowers at your home. Begin with easy to maintain flowering plants, if you are new to gardening. Your nursery fellow can be a guide to the kind of flowering tree you can have, depending on the climatic conditions suitable to your area.
when you have flowers growing in your home, you can always chose to let them be in your balcony/garden or within the corners of your home. I have a bougainvillea plant at home. Many a times, i keep a bunch of these in a vase in various corners of my home. It is a win win situation since it is strongly advised to prune the plant after it flowers for its good growth.

Dry flower arrangement

Now, this is again a very easy solution to be surrounded by flowers, fresh or dried! As i was mentioning, the bougainvillea flowers get a papery texture once it dries. Either keep them in a vase along with the dried stem or place them in bowl/platter/uruli on your centre table or your bed side table.

Framed and preserved

The other day i got a bunch of roses from my usual flower guy. After it adorned my home, i let it dry well, pressed them inside a book and then guess what? I framed them forever in these transparent glass frames. Do you like this idea?

Paper flowers

Paper flowers are an interesting option too! These marigolds and peonies are made of paper but aren't they pretty? Go on and flaunt them too!

Floating flowers

These are next best to having a bunch of fresh florals at home. These are ones which do not have long stems and are sold in the market for offering them to the deity but you can always use them to decorate your spaces by floating them in an attractive uruli or bowls. These are easy on your pockets too and you can afford to have an endless supply of these beauties.

Hope these tips will help you to all to always have flowers in your home and keep you cheerful and happy!

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