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What is it with Russians?

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Title : What is it with Russians?
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What is it with Russians?

Canada and Russia have a lot in common: both are very large countries, geographically, and between the two of them, surround the Arctic. But whereas Canada is, let's face it, just a bit dull, Russia and its culture never cease to amaze. I just ran across this clip of Russian dancers:

Hard to believe some of that is even possible. Then there are Russian movies like Night Watch and Day Watch based on Russian science-fiction novels. Then there is the Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman who won the two highest honors in mathematics, the Fields medal and the Millennium Prize, both with million dollar awards. Despite living in his mother's apartment in St. Petersburg, he refused to accept either prize (and turned down other honors as well) because in his view they were "irrelevant."

The Russians also do some of the most realistic war movies like Admiral from 2008. It begins with a naval engagement. From around the 6 minute mark, watch as the captain takes over command of their single gun and, with the aid of the only remaining gun crew member, badly wounded, manages to land a hit on the bridge of the German ship, temporarily putting them out of action.

Last summer, when I was at the Salzburg Festival, I saw three of the best pianists in the world within a single week: Grigory Sokolov, Igor Levit and Evgeny Kissin. Sokolov and Kissin are Russian and Levit was born in Russia but grew up in Germany.

What is it with the Russians and why have they always had such spectacularly bad governments?

Sokolov doesn't do concerto performances any more and there aren't a lot of clips around, but this one is likely worth watching/hearing.

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