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Title : In the times of Covid 19 - mexinter
link : In the times of Covid 19 - mexinter

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In the times of Covid 19 - mexinter

Now that Corona is a bitter truth of life and we understand, it is here to stay for a while, how can we better equip ourselves? Let's give that a thought.


Masks are compulsory but do not be overwhelmed. You need not buy expensive ones. If you know basic stitching, stitch one for yourself. Left over pieces of fabrics, blouse pieces anything can come to your rescue. Make it 3 layered. There are many you tube videos demonstrating it! Take help.
Give your cloth pieces to a tailor if stitching is not your game.
Get 3 to 4 pieces done for every individual at home. This way after every use, you can give them a good wash. Also, you can get them done in different colours to pair them accordingly with your outfits.
This Kerala kasuvu mask is made from the saree blouse piece by my mil.


For all the time you are home, the good old method of handwash with soap is the best.
But when you are outside, carry a sanitizer without fail.

Most important:

The most important aspect is to place these stuff at a place where it is visible, doesn't look odd and remind you to take them while you step out! The best place is near the entrance. That is where I have kept them. I have also marked  the masks with initials so that there is no confusion.

DIY Kit:
The mask basket is a DIY made of newspaper. Roll the masks and place them in the basket.
You want to make it the process here.

The sanitizer container is also a DIY made of jute ropes stuck on an ice cream container and made attractive using pom poms.
I have made it look appealing by adding a plant and a smiley board.
Now isn't that a good idea?

It is always a great idea to be better prepared than be sorry for anything! I am taking all the neccessary precautions. You do too and together we shall fight out this monster!

Take care & stay safe.😊

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