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Floral display - mexinter

Floral display - mexinter - Hello friends, I hope you all are in good health MEXINTER, In the article that you are reading this time with the title Floral display - mexinter , mexinter has prepared this article well for you to read and extract information from. hopefully the contents of the post Artikel aesthetics, Artikel arrangement, Artikel corners of my home, Artikel decoratingwithnaturals, Artikel dry flower arrangements, Artikel Floral decor, Artikel flower display, Artikel fun activity, Artikel hobby, Artikel Home, Artikel in the times of corona, Artikel india under lockdown, Artikel space styling, what mexinter wrote you can understand. ok, happy reading.

Title : Floral display - mexinter
link : Floral display - mexinter

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Floral display - mexinter

In the wake of the lock down, we have limited means of access to various elements even flowers which as per news is going waste as people cannot venture out to buy them. If you are in the habit of having flowers at home regularly, it might be disappointing, not to have them in your home at all!

In such times it is very liberating, I would say, to create an arrangement with stuff, one has in hand. It can be anything, right from twigs, herbs, pods, branches, flowers from your balcony or a garden if you have one.
You can have fruits or veggies too in your arrangement.
The idea is to engage yourself in some lock down fun, create a floral arrangement from the comfort of your own home. I did something like that and it felt very satisfying.
Have a look and try attempting similar ones. We are forced to be inside but why not let our creativity flow?
Have a look...

Started out with these...dried eucalyptus stems, a bougainville stem, pinecones, was contemplating whether to have some greens along side...

I have a firm idea in place now, shall just finish the arrangement.

And finally the arrangement is done. A brass kooja from yesteryears,  serves as the vase.As I mentioned, dried branches, pinecones, pods, schffelera leaves, a bougainville stem, geranium flower all put together on a console for a pleasing display. Tell me, do you like it...
Don't restrict yourself because of the situation, instead try different ways to keep yourself engaged with stuff you like to do. We are in this together, and we shall emerge out of it together and stronger!

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