DIY on a terracotta planter - mexinter

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Title : DIY on a terracotta planter - mexinter
link : DIY on a terracotta planter - mexinter

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DIY on a terracotta planter - mexinter

I have a huge bougainvillea pot which was very plain. Often I thought of painting a bloom or make a warli scene on it but somehow it never materialized.  Then came this Corona disaster accompanied with lockdown.  Though we are handling more work than usual now, it is also the time that we keep ourselves well occupied and sane.

What can be better than a DIY?

Also, had saved a few tile pieces and and some glass bits from some other DIY kit which came in very handy now for the transformation of the pot.

The images will show you how the whole process came about from start to finish. I had a garden themed idea to decorate the pot and as I proceeded,  made some changes and arrived at the final look. I have covered only the front portion of the pot since it is a bulky one and has already been planted, which makes it immovable. If you like the DIY and intend to try out , you can cover the entire surface. 
I have used fevicol to stick the bits. For plastic pots, you can use stronger adhesives like quick fix.

The balcony with pots lined up and the mosaic-ed pot in the centre looks like this now. A Bulbul graced my space as I was clicking pics... that made me super happy!!!

Hope you liked this creative way to decorate your planter and take up the decor quotient a notch high ...
Stay safe, stay home and most importantly stay happy folks

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