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Munio Home - mexinter

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Title : Munio Home - mexinter
link : Munio Home - mexinter

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Munio Home - mexinter

MUNIO HOME is a story about people and their homes. About how each of us, fondly, together with others create our home. We step over the threshold and we are – at home!

Munio Home is an  Eco-friendly brand, which originated in Latvia, Europe and now they are in India with their unique and sophisticated range of products.

Range of products offered by Munio Homes India

 At home, we dream, love, desire, conspire, think, we grow ourselves, and  we help others to grow. With the doors of our homes shut, we are with ourselves. With our aromas and feelings, sounds and silence, orders and habbits. It is here where we live, co-exist, experience, and survive. We wrap home around us. Munio Home is all about that!

Their range of products includes glassware, clay, candle, linen, objects and cutleries.The main characteristic of MUNIO HOME design lies in its stylistic purity. monolithic and geometric dishes.

At home, we want everything that surrounds us, to also be alive. Here at Munio Home, we have glass mugs made by thousand-year-old methods, knotted baskets made from twine that take days to complete, bowls from clay cradled in loving hands, and tablecloths woven with equally loving fingers. A simple clay pot is grand and a gnarled birch bark basket is unique and valuable. The roughness of our forefathers and the fineness of contemporary design, black farmer’s rye bread and sky blue art Nouveau buildings are some properties that describe a Munio product.
Now, lets have a brief look at their product range.


Clay products by Munio Home  India

Munio Home brings you the magical power of the earth with their earthenware range
The beautiful earthenware tells you the lore of earth, it is made from, the river which bears it, and the skillful hands which molded them. These consist of bottles, cups, salad bowls, dinner plates, etc.
The crafters of these beautiful products have been making clay pieces for ages perfecting their skills. The skilled hands of the potter turns this beautiful clay into fine earthenware, fire hardens them & then glazed to perfection


Linen by Munio Home Inda

Weavers weave wisdom and folklore of their ancestors and yarns beautifully twist into fabric bringing all those fables to life. Threads are skillfully twisted, spun & the loom is set with warp and weft yarns.The  range includes bedding, duvets, table clothes, runners, napkins & many more.
Like the ups and downs of life, the yarns move up and down interlacing & giving rise to a piece of delicate fabric. The linen fabric ensures comfort and healing qualities which are very important for bedding purposes.

Munio home linen section also consists of the woven section which tells the story of the love with which our grandmas knitted. She silently knitted the yarns to make those beautiful afghans. Wrap yourself up in sweet memories & motherly care with Munio Home range of woven products.


Glassware by Munio Home India

All Munio Home glassware is made by using 100% recycled glass, preserving the natural resources
and bringing you thousands of lores of nature. The coalescence of two basic elements of nature sand & fire gives origin to these beautiful glassware. Created under keen eyes of craftsmen & their skilled hands which turn glass into artistic glassware.
Glass has inert properties, unlike the chemical-based plastic ones.Teacups, tulip (Wine)glass, flute (Champagne) glass, decanters and other beauties comprises the list


Candles by Munio Home India

With this range of Munio Home candles give yourself a moment of quiet after an exhausting long day. Munio home candle is all about indulging yourself in the fragrances, brought to you from the meadows & wild forests of Europe. Soy wax has been used to make their Eco-friendly hand-poured candles & they light to illuminate the various ingredients added in them.
These candles, come in various forms to choose from. You can  either buy an hand made votive or old wine bottles filled with wax or just a long stem, we also have a gifting range of candles to gift your loved ones. 


Objects by Munio Home India

 The home range mainly consists of different sorts of baskets & splendid trivet crafted from ashwood and steel to keep hot Dishes.
These baskets are beautifully wrapped with yarns in the coastal city of Jurmala with the time-consuming and ancestral methodology of knitting and knotting.


 Cutlery by Munio Home India

 Munio Home range of Eco-cutleries are crafted by the master craftsmen of Latvia and polished with linseed oil for added benefits. These Cutleries are created from  extremely old ash-trees which speaks of thousands of old lores, as you use them.
Once the cutleries are made, they are polished with linseed oil and painted with plant-based dyes. Even before savoring a meal, you devour it from your eyes. These Eco-elegant cutleries will add a rustic feel to your overall dining experience. These cutleries can be an exceptional gifting option for your friends & family The range of wooden cutleries consists of fruit forks, cheese knife, tongs, platters, cork Tops, and many more.

Like a breath of fresh air, Munio Home India offers products that are classy and promotes natural living. One can have a look at their offerings thru the following ways:-

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