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Anuradha Singh's living room tour - mexinter

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Title : Anuradha Singh's living room tour - mexinter
link : Anuradha Singh's living room tour - mexinter

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Anuradha Singh's living room tour - mexinter

We have Anuradha with us today, showing off her warm and cosy living room. She is  from Noida and works with a NGO. Anuradha shares this beautiful home with her husband, son (who is currently  studying in London) and her adorable dog Busty.

 A neutral palette, furniture that supports comfortable living with clean, simple lines and accessories that lend a very earthy feel is the USP of her living room.

Fine detailing often enhances any space. The cushions, runner, floor rugs, throws and the wall covering takes the decor to the next level.

Lighting plays a very important role to make a home look warm and cosy and Anuradha sure has got them covered in her space. Floor lamps, table lamp and the lights on the wall gives a lived in feel to the whole set up.

Anuradha says, 'I love Indian design, colors & patterns. My home reflects my passion for traditional Indian style. I love changing the arrangement of my house based on occasions and I believe my home is ever-evolving in terms of  decor.'

 This book shelf is ultimate goal for book lovers and decor aficionados alike! The key to a great bookshelf is arranging the books according to its dimension, colour and genre. Always make sure to add interesting decor elements to go with the books. Small, quirky pieces, your travel souvenirs are great accompaniments to your book shelf. This zone can be further accentuated by including plants and floor lighting. The entire ambience then conspires you to pick up a book and atleast leaf thru it! That's the power of a good reading corner.

Corner space utilised effectively...

That's our friendly dog Busty.

Console styling at its best: A runner is the most essential piece while styling your console. Then you can place decor accents that are meaningful and close to your heart. Grouping together elements helps to think of it as a composition, created to draw your attention through the area. Seeing the same colors, design patterns and shapes on the console gives it a cohesive design.The rule of three is used in interior design to create interest, rhythm and depth.

I hope you love this tour of Anuradha's space. Keep styling and decorating your homes. 
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Wishing all you out there, a  new year that unfolds  many possibilities and fulfils all your dreams! Have a fantastic 2020!

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