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Title : Restroom makeover - mexinter
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Restroom makeover - mexinter

Makeovers are real fun to execute. First, you have to come up with a solid foolproof idea, then comes the planning stage which includes buying the required materials and finally the execution of the project. Recently, i did a small addition/ change to our common restroom and all those who have seen the 'Before' and 'After' have liked these changes.

The restroom appeared dark with black/brown coloured tiles on the walls. These tiled walls looked classy when we moved in  but soon with usage and water stains that refused to go away even after multiple attempts prompted me to take up this makeover.

 Some time back, i had transformed the window pane from 'boring' to 'interesting' which  I have shared here.
So, now lets start with this one...


 I chose these vinyl wall adhesives -Moroccan styled mosaics which are waterproof and especially designed for bathrooms and kitchens. My main aim here was to give a cheerful look to the space which i think is achieved with these colourful ones.

This is the link if you choose to buy the same.

I chose to place these adhesives in a random manner. I only, had to visualize which one to place where but you know that's the trickiest of all!

This is how it progressed. Then i felt, the window sill too looked ugly. So another one cut to size, peeled and pasted. Now the look is complete. Am at peace with myself now. I feel it has added the necessary vibrancy needed in the restroom. what do you think folks?  Let me know in the comments.

The final look...

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