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Title : Plants in your decor - mexinter
link : Plants in your decor - mexinter

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Plants in your decor - mexinter

There is no such thing as too much greenery. Ask me, the more the merrier! Most of us do whatever it comes to accommodate plants at home , for the rest I have only one advice...Bring these life givers into your lives, home decor takes a whole new turn with greens around!
No dedicated space - bring them indoors.
Small balcony - use available spaces like window sill, area near the kitchen sink,  rest room shelves( yes, don't spare them either)

Let me show you some inspirational visuals...

Rain drenched greens...

Create a partition with plants!

On the window...

As I said, have them in your 'rasoi'

Calmness assured!
That cluster out there on the wooden bajot has my heart

Hanging them in pretty pots is always an available option.

Sitting inside but staring outside the window? Well, the greens outside sure does that to you!

Can sit here and gaze for about you?

Even a small sit out comes to life...

A quiet corner...

A very simple arrangement but for the extra dose of colours!

So, when are you sprucing up your home with plants?
Image courtesy: Pinterest

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