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Title : Diwali themed decor - mexinter
link : Diwali themed decor - mexinter

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Diwali themed decor - mexinter

Hi lovely people, gearing up for the most awaited festival of the year? Confused on how to give a festival vibe to your home! 

Well,  I have created a simple Diwali theme for you all, mostly using elements I already had! 

Hope this will at least give you some ideas for your own home. You can always add new elements to what I have suggested and create a happy space this Deepavali.

Firstly, gather all stuff related to the festival that are considered auspicious like Idol of Lakshmiji , Ganesha, earthen diyas, lamps, candles, rangoli stickers, kundan rangoli, kalasha , bright runners etc.

You can design this theme on a shelf, console or a table. 

 Here, I have used a duppatta as a runner. It is a bright pink, yellow and golden one  with beautiful embroidered motif of a flowerpot.The other personalised addition are the earthen diyas that I hand painted. This way I choose my own colour scheme for them.

Apart from these, Diwali is incomplete without sweets but instead of traditional sweets I have kept cupcake moulds filled with chocolates. This arrangement is specially for the kids. The cupcake moulds also lend a colourful and cheerful twist to the theme.

At night with just the lights on...

Ideally, you can create this decor in your entryway welcoming guests and Goddess Lakshmi blessing them with health, happiness and  prosperity .

Hope you get ideas from this post and yes I would really love to see how you have come up with your own versions...

Happy Diwali my sajavat family! Enjoy and have a safe one!

A simple makeover (gone wrong and then rectified )post coming up soon...

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