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Title : Renovating my green space - mexinter
link : Renovating my green space - mexinter

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Renovating my green space - mexinter

Greens have always been my weakness. Every time I visit a  friend or a relative, i unfailingly carry back seeds or plants.  Till a few week's back, all my plants were arranged on the floor and inspite of having a terrace balcony the space looked almost full.

Now, we have a customised metal rack made in two levels and that houses all the plants, thus freeing the floor space. Since, they are neatly arranged in a line, it also gives the plant a kind of volume.
You will notice that the little accessories amidst the plants appeal more than ever now

Also, it is easy to maintain the floor and they are devoid of mud or water stains.A little change goes a long way...

Have a look at the pics...

An L-shaped rack fulfills my requirement. It holds pots of various sizes and some much needed accessories in between.

Take a closer look...

A ketli converted into a planter and a shell holding cactus

Grasshopper adding some colour

Another ceramic jar converted into a planter...

Painted stones adding some more cheer!

This pot holds a dried stem picked during walks...

Another stone with painted prayers on it

Do you notice the bells in this pic Both are cowbells, one a replica from the famous Bollywood movie DDLJ, another one from a small village near Dandeli. I remember me and my cousin sighting a cow grazing in the field with such  a bell tied to its neck and how we didn't leave the town without getting some from the local market there!

Now, I wish I would have got some more so that the whole length could have been covered with these cute bells.
Yet another...
Some animal figurines...

I love the cascading effect of this plant. A friend moved to the US of A and I was the lucky one to own this!
A wall covered with knick-knacks

We come to the end of the balcony tour.The vertical arrangement has really helped me in organizing all the plants neatly.
 Would soon come up some more interesting posts. Stay tuned!

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