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Mayura's Farmhouse styled home - mexinter

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Title : Mayura's Farmhouse styled home - mexinter
link : Mayura's Farmhouse styled home - mexinter

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Mayura's Farmhouse styled home - mexinter

We often try to run away from our urban chaos, to a quieter locale probably a farmhouse that we can call our own for the couple of days that we stay put there. But, what happens when your home itself is farmhouse style inspired ( with or without the farm animals! )? That is exactly how it is with Mayura.

Her insta stories propelled me to establish contact with her and request for a home tour.
Her home that we are about to uncover is 80 years old, though it is renovated, the basic structure is preserved. Mayura lives with her hubby, kid and her Mil here.All of them being decor enthusiast, they were clear from the start that the ethnic charm is not lost upon as they renovate the home!

 I feel the beauty of such spaces lies in openness of the plan.  The indoors merge easily with the outdoors creating vastness of space.

The interiors have been done in dark wood tones.Many traditional elements like the jharokha, brass artifacts which are proud heritage collections rule the place.Apart from these brass bells & lanterns lend a rustic charm!

Unique in itself are these rows and rows of neatly arranged brass  cooking vessels like pots, pans,urns, plates which have been designated a separate place yet assimilating their presence in the interiors as well!

 A sitting area which I understand opens into the outdoor...

 Yet another rustic feature wall with dancing warli motifs and woven treasures. Traditional game like the pallankuzhi board that you see on the ledge makes me remember my childhood  summer days. Oh! What fun it used to be when all the cousins used to gather over the game!

 A peek into her well laid out garden space...
The warli paintings are done by Mayura.

Such lovingly created corners!

 And see I told you it's a farmhouse styled  home...Look at those lovely ducks enjoying a  bath in afternoon sun!

 This is the perfect getaway for me in summers. what do you think? Mayura blogs at and you can have a look at her insta feed here. 
She would be happy to hear from you as well!

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