Styling with a handmade beauty ! - mexinter

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Title : Styling with a handmade beauty ! - mexinter
link : Styling with a handmade beauty ! - mexinter

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Styling with a handmade beauty ! - mexinter

I have always been inclined to stuff that are handmade. I appreciate the fact that someone has taken the pain to produce a piece out of their own imagination, skill and creativity!
This means whenever I travel near or far, such things catch my fancy and know what, next they come home with me as a cherished souvenir !

On one such recent trip, I bought one of  this handwoven basket home. In such  vibrant colours, couldn't resist buying one! These are made up of nylon wires. A very indigenous craft and has existed since the time of our grannies. But there is always an improvisation added in such crafts to sustain competition and here they have altered the shape of the basket. a pretty looking, Lotus like basket!


Am not a very impulse kind of a buyer. I buy only when I think it can be put to good use. That's my idea of a souvenir as well! It should be such that am reminded of the awesome time I had,whenever I utilize it. So now, that this beauty came home with me, I have styled it in various corners of my home and there is never a dull moment with it. The basket amazes me with it's versatility and instantly enlivens the surroundings.

come on, see for yourself!

Brilliant colour combination!

The insides...Uniform design...

Looks great with contrasting colours as well!

Can be used as a flower holder in  the prayer room

Suitably eye-catchy anywhere !

In combination with my brass artifacts

As a planter...

what Say?

Besides the kitchen sink ...

side table companion!

 Did you like it? Any such special souvenir that you have lugged home and the effort seemed all worthwhile? Share with me and the readers of sajavat.

As the summer vacation begins, hope you all have a gala time with your family.I shall return soon with many such travel stories, souvenirs, interior ideas captured from my travel and many more...

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