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AIS Glass- Beyond the extraordinaire - mexinter

AIS Glass- Beyond the extraordinaire - mexinter - Hello friends, I hope you all are in good health MEXINTER, In the article that you are reading this time with the title AIS Glass- Beyond the extraordinaire - mexinter , mexinter has prepared this article well for you to read and extract information from. hopefully the contents of the post Artikel AIS, Artikel Asahi Glassxperts, Artikel decorative element, Artikel homedecor, Artikel homedesigning, Artikel Safety and security solution, what mexinter wrote you can understand. ok, happy reading.

Title : AIS Glass- Beyond the extraordinaire - mexinter
link : AIS Glass- Beyond the extraordinaire - mexinter

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AIS Glass- Beyond the extraordinaire - mexinter

A post on a very essential element in home decor.Read on folks...

Recently, my parents moved to a new home. Changing homes, shifting, adjusting to a new place can take a toll on your physical and mental well being, especially at their age! They have moved from a quieter location to our present day, urban jungle!

Even after a week of shifting and making available of all modern physical comforts, there was something that was bothering them and making their life very stressful. And they were not able to point out what was lacking too!

After my stay there for a good 10 days, we finally arrived at the culprit and its solution…
We figured out that these were the problem areas:

·         Too much noise
·         Excessive heat and bright sunlight inside home
·         Monkey menace

Admit it or not, these can really dampen the spirit of moving into a new home. I researched into the subject and arrived at the conclusion of installing /changing a major element at home, used in the décor industry.

When we are constructing an establishment, a home or a commercial space apart from brick and mortar there is an equally important and essential element that is invariably used and which plays a very pivotal role in its construction. Glass!!!  Yes, it has a very significant purpose and it nullified all the problems my parents were facing in one go!

As I weighed various possibilities and companies that provide the best quality glass fixtures for your various needs, I arrived at AIS (Asahi India Glass Limited),the experts in glass industry!
AIS Glasxperts AIS Glasxperts – an arm of Asahi India Glass Ltd. leads the way in providing innovative concepts and cutting-edge solutions in living glass. They provide complete glass solutions that include aesthetic, safety & security, energy efficiency, acoustic, privacy, and doors & window solution.

We installed AIS glass windows at home that perfectly took care of the noise with Acoustic glass solutions and filtered the bright sunlight with help of energy efficient glass. My parents were not in favour of heavy drapes too as that would mean increased maintenance. With glass, it is only one time installation and the rest is taken care of! As sunlight is suitably filtered, there is enough light and at the same time heat reduction is effective too!

I just wanted to share my findings about AIS glass with all my readers of sajavat so that many can stand benefited!

These are the various areas in which AIS glasxperts have a strong hold.

Acoustic Glass Solutions: With increasing population, the menace of high sound levels in the cities is growing beyond repairs. But with AIS Glass, one need not worry!
At the initial level, after studying the sound levels, surrounding the house through various testing methods, the right decibel required to have a calm interior is analyzed. Then comes the recommendations of the ideal product (laminated or insulated glazing unit), frame (aluminium, wood, or uPVC ) and other materials that would give the ideal result.

Energy Efficient Glass Solutions: There is an increased awareness in reducing carbon footprint and having Eco-friendly and energy efficient solution these days. AIS makes this possible at the onset by visiting the site, surveying and studying the orientation of the building, movement of sunlight, shading, observing the weather patterns etc,
A range of high-performance products made using both hard-coat and soft-coat reflective glass technologies are presented by AIS. These products are available in a number of shades, each with a multitude of features.

Safety and security Glass Solutions: Glass is recognized to be strong and durable material therefore being of prime use in facades, partitions, walkways, building facades, shop fronts and so on …
At AIS, Glass can be tempered, heat strengthened and for laminated to suit its various functions and applications.

Privacy Glass Solutions: AISGlasxperts brings together superior technology and perennial expertise to create solutions in living glass. A very applaudable category of glass such as Switchable Glass (AIS Swytchglas), Glass with integrated blinds, Glass with view-control films are the offerings from AIS and though glass is a transparent material, it can offer instant privacy at a flick of a button with AIS Swytchglas

The key features of these products are:

•          A unique product that changes appearance from clear to translucent at the touch of a button.
•          Enables instant privacy.
•          Has acoustic properties which dampen outside noise.
•          Ensures safety.
•          Works with an electric switch or a remote control device.

AIS Integrated Blind Systems installed, inside the double-glazed have the sealed unit, they reduce noise and enhance privacy and require zero maintenance making it impact resistant, stable and highly secure to breakage and burglar attacks!

Decorative and Aesthetic applications: To add a touch of class to the interiors, glass is often used in myriad fashion such as Lacquered, ceramic fit, etched glass, frosted ,coloured and fabric laminated glass, stacked, printed and patterned glass. Mirrors are also a great way to enhance aesthetics.
The various types of glass listed above find extensive use across restaurants, offices, commercial spaces and within homes as partitions, shower curtains, doors & windows, ornamental use, back walls, glass tiles, railings, walkways, landscape images etc

Doors and windows solutions: Home décor is an evolving process and an integral part of our living. At AIS, the overall aesthetics is complemented with a variety of additional features such as noise free living, safety and security. AIS Windows offer a range of glass solutions and wide range of profile options in Wood, Aluminium and uPVC.
Thus, designed to meet the need for modern, eco-sensitive aesthetics with a full spectrum of world-class, high quality, branded glass products, fittings, and systems with assured safety and hassle-free services, am convinced AIS Glasxperts are the way to go forward!

I am happy I made the right choice! What about you?

For more info you can look up here

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